The Paint Factory, STUD BLACK STAIN

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Horse Fence Stain Stud Black    

The Paint Factory, STUD BLACK STAIN The Paint Factory, STUD BLACK STAIN
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Available in 200 litre drums
and 20 litre pails
The Paint Factory, STUD BLACK STAIN
The Paint Factory, STUD BLACK STAIN

Superior Appearance

STUD BLACK is now blacker, more durable and longer lasting with no peeling. A liberal coating will produce a good sharp black look for up to 5 years. STUD BLACK will not print off onto clothes, horse covers or horses.

Superior Protection

STUD BLACK stain is absorbed and continues to protect year after year. STUD BLACK does not trap underlying moisture in the timber causing rot. Your timber continues to breathe and flex with the conditions, dramatically increasing the life of your fences. STUD BLACK also has a non-toxic bittering agent that will stop a significant percentage of horses from chewing the rails, (may need recoating of chewed areas) thus saving the cost of repairing and replacing rails.

Superior Economy

STUD BLACK stain is significantly cheaper than acrylic paints and most other coatings, it also does not require expensive rubbing back only a good water blast to remove moss and lichen before recoating. Coverage on rough sawn timber is approx. 400 to 500 metres of three rail fence both sides per 200 litre drum. Dry time up to 2 hours.

Ease of Application

A number of years of research and field work have contributed to the development of STUD BLACK stain. STUD BLACK is water based making it environmentally safer and healthier than the harsh solvent based product available until now. STUD BLACK may be applied to raw or previously stained timber by brush, roller or sprayed with airless or knapsack sprayers making fence protection available to everyone.

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